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Anyone in Pennsylvania can pick up a paint brush; get paid for painting, and call himself a painter. There are no tests that you have to take to be a painter. I doubt if this is what you want, so you need to do some investigating.

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* Boring stuff-but you should read this *

If you want the cheapest price in town, get a painter who isnít registered with the state, a contractor who has no references, carries no liability insurance or workmenís compensation; and tells you verbally he is covered.  

I believe a number of painting companies donít carry the proper insurance. If painters have the proper coverage, they will be glad to show you in writing their credentials.  

Pennsylvania requires someone carry Workmenís Comp. insurance on a contractorís worker, none of this really matters until a painter falls off a 2 foot ladder and hurts his back.

This stuff is important, but overlooked much of the time!

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Our Credentials

When we do an estimate we show you in writing who to call to verify our credentials, and we donít charge for an estimate.

Our company, John Clark Painting, is fully insured through Knoll Insurance Company.

You can obtain information regarding our policies at
1-717.774.8128. Every painter should provide you with the following information:

* Ask if contractor has a liability Insurance policy

* Ask if contractor has a Workers Compensation policy

* Ask if contractor is registered with the state.

Every contractor who has the above information would be happy to show you in writing that he has complied with these requirements. You are welcome to confirm our information. Registration required with the office of the Attorney General, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

# PA 000618       1- 888 52O 668O

Our work is guaranteed for two years. At the job we will have a work order sheet for our painters to follow. Usually the only disappointments come when the scope of the job is not clear.

Whatever the project, it is helpful to have any decision-makers present and involved from the beginning. That way you make the best decision.

The whole painting process is like
trying to find a dance partner.
For things to work right
everybody needs to be in sync;
this makes for a good job.

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Bidding on painting

I have enclosed a form that you can copy. I have gone into many houses and the homeowner says, ď I want to paint this room.Ē It helps to know beforehand what gets painted.  

For example, do you want the doors painted, one side or both? Does the door trim get painted? Do the walls get one coat or two?  How much does a second coat cost?

Many home owners donít consider these questions. It is important that you get pricing on the same amount of work. We break down the components for you: ceiling, walls, trim, and the grade of paint so you can compare estimates reliably.

This makes your job easier. If you need to consult with another person it is helpful that he or she is present, so that you end up getting reliable information, and it is easier to make your decision.

It is helpful when considering bids that you are comparing apples to apples!  

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to assist in the estimate process
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Our goal is very simple, make the customer happy by treating homes with respect and doing quality work.