We will cover furniture and floors to protect them. The work area will be kept clean throughout the process.

You’re welcome to inspect our work during the job, and ask questions.

Exterior painting--We do our best to watch those flowers and plants. We can’t guarantee that we won’t step on the pachysandra, but we do our best not to disturb your greenery.

Prior to the start of the job we go over important things like:

 “Don’t let the dog out, but its O.K.
to let the cat out or in
Times of day when
baby is sleeping?

We need to know your concerns.

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When we are working outside there could be a board or window that needs special repair. We won’t just paint over an area to get it done. We’ll let you know the condition of the boards and offer advice.

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When you select a color from a chip it is a good idea to get a sample of that paint and try a swatch on a couple different walls. The paint color shows up differently at different times of day. We can discuss what type of finish is best for the job.

Each paint sheen has its own quality.  We’ll help you decide which is best for your project. Choices include the following:

Matte                            Flat    

Semi-gloss                    Satin 

High gloss                     Eggshell

Typically we use the following brands:

Benjamin Moore,

Sherwin-Williams and MAB


  • Color Visualizing Tool  Sherwin-Williams

    First select the type of home or room you want to paint.
    Then drag and drop colors from the palette provided!

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Our work is guaranteed for two years. At the job we will have a work order sheet for our painters to follow. Usually the only disappointments come when the scope of the job is not clear.

Whatever the project, it is helpful to have any decision-makers present and involved from the beginning. That way you make the best decision.

The whole painting process is like
trying to find a dance partner.
For things to work right
everybody needs to be in sync;
this makes for a good job.

Our company, John Clark Painting, is fully insured through Knoll Insurance Company.

You can obtain information regarding our policies at
1-717.774.8128. Every painter should provide you with the following information:

* Ask if contractor has a liability Insurance policy

* Ask if contractor has a Workers Compensation policy

* Ask if contractor is registered with the state.

Every contractor who has the above information would be happy to show you in writing that he has complied with these requirements. You are welcome to confirm our information. Registration required with the office of the Attorney General, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

# PA 000618       1-888.520.6680

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John Clark Painting is an EPA lead safe certified firm, and has fulfilled the requirements of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Section 402, and has received certification to conduct lead based paint renovation, repair, and painting pursuant to 40 CFR Part 745.89 Certification # NAT-83129-1

The best advice that I ever got was to ask a contractor what he thought should be done on the job. Then, you have his opinion and the suggestions which can help you to form your own ideas on what should be done.  And, it helps you to evaluate his suggestions.

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Our goal is very simple, make the customer happy by treating homes with respect and doing quality work.